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Punjabi Folk Bhangra

Bhangra is a traditional form of dance and music which originates from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It was initially used as a celebratory folk dance which heralded the coming of spring, or Vaisakhi(when the farmars harvesting the field then thay start our tradisional dance called bhangra and the festival called vishakhi) as it is known.

Following the partition of India different regions of the country began to mix and interact sharing their different forms of Bhangra. The end result was a hybrid being created which incorporated the many different styles of the unique act. Bhangra became popularized chiefly due to the Sikh community who helped to integrate the music and dance into the Bollywood film industry.

In its purest form Bhangra is a mix of a singing accompanied by music and the beat of a single drum known as a dhol. The lyrics are always sung in the language of Punjabi and usually relate to social or cultural issues. These can be anything from marriage and love to money and dancing, or even getting drunk. Current Bhangra artists take their inspiration from all kinds of sources, often dealing with hot topics of the time. Bhangra seeks to offer a message along with its music.

Bhangra dances differ from region to region and still retain their own unique identities. The term Bhangra has come to incorporate a whole host of these dance forms including dhamal,sayalkoti,Jhumar, Luddi,malwai Giddha ,challaan,dundas,Jalli, Daankara, Saami. The dancers sing the chorus of the song whilst dancing around the drum, or dhol, which  sets the unique beat of the dance using the instrument.

Nowadays Bhangra influences can be seen in many Bollywood films and it’s even found its way into forms of popular non-Asian culture such is its unique appeal.

The academy is dedicated to promoting to punjabi culture all the way from heart soul.The Motto of the academy is to preserve the tradition of punjabi`s performing art by providing a positive social and educational enviorment for members.Academy`s success is in helping young people navigate the difficult balance between contemporary youth culture and their culture heritage. Academy showcase`s the truth and rich culture of india`s state PUNJAB. This makes the Academy one of our state`s culture treasure.

Established in 2008. The Academy already has had the privilege of representing punjabi culture in a various countries across the globe under the surveillance of the director of Academy and their`s plentitude of offer and opprotunities lined up for the academy students to visit represent their own culture and interact with prople of diverse cultures and nations in future by participating in international folk festivals in numberless countries.

Why we are diffrent because with learning Bhangra, students also learn leadership skills, teamwork and develop great communicational skills. Likewise they become more confident and are encouraged to try their hardest; discipline and exercise is another component included in Bhangra.