About Us

The academy (SIFA) is dedicated to promoting to Indian Punjabi culture all the way from heart soul. The Motto of the academy is to preserve the tradition of Punjabi`s performing art by providing a positive social and educational environment for members. Academy`s success is in helping young people navigate the difficult balance between contemporary youth culture and their culture heritage.

Academy showcase`s the truth and rich culture of India`s state PUNJAB. This makes the Academy one of our state`s culture treasure.



Established in 2008. The Academy already has had the privilege of representing Indian culture in a various countries across the globe under the surveillance of the director of Academy and their`s plenitude of offer and opportunities lined up for the academy students to visit represent their own culture and interact with people of diverse cultures and nations in future by participating in international folk festivals in numberless countries with close cooperation with the International Dance Council CID, PARIS, FRANCE. the UNESCO official summit organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.


Why we are different

Because with learning Indian Dance, students also learn leadership skills, teamwork and develop great communication skills. Likewise, they become more confident and are encouraged to try their hardest; discipline and exercise is another component included in Dance Classes at SIFA.


Mission Statement

SIFA is a Indian Folk Academy, which provides quality training and high-calibre performances in its goal to promote true and authentic INDIAN culture, aims to involve an interest and desire to participate in this culture in our community, as well as, nationally and internationally.

First and foremost, international certification is being provided to the academy trainees and the students of educational institutions from CID (International Dance Council ).

Promote India’s culture overseas and provide opportunity to Indian youth to know and understand other cultures. Preserve, develop and teach the traditions of Indian performing arts.

Promote an increased understanding and appreciation for Indian culture among the people of different cultures of India and abroad through educational programs and professional, public performances.

Provide in-depth, high-quality arts training and leadership development opportunity for inner-city youth.